Family & Domestic Violence

There are a range of forms of family violence which are unique to the LGBTI community. These include, but are not limited to:

  • threatening to out, or ‘outing’ a partner or family member to family, friends or colleagues;
  • using homophobia as a tool of control, for example by telling a partner that they will lose custody of children, be unable to access police assistance, or support from service delivery organisations, because the ‘system’ is homophobic;
  • telling a partner or family member they ‘deserve it’ because they are LGBTI or that they are not a ‘real’ lesbian, gay or bisexual person and relying on stereotypes to hide or justify abuse; and
  •  threatening to or revealing HIV status or withdrawing care, where one partner or family member is dependent, for example arising from their HIV/AIDS status.

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