By using our platform and any other related platform that Australian Catholics for Equality uses you adhere to our Rules. Our rules are as follows:

  • We each take responsibility for our campaigns and for treating each other as we’d want to be treated. Anyone who abuses this community through nasty comments will be asked to leave. Anyone who expects someone else to do their grunt work for them will be disappointed. We reserve the right to ban anyone from our platforms for homophobic or discriminatory comments and entirely at our discretion.
  • We’ve been invited in on the ground of something brand new, and it’s up to us to create and nurture a culture of enthusiasm, support, respect and patience. There are lots of places on the internet where people like to tear each other down; this isn’t one of them.
  • If you have a great idea for improving the site or spot something that needs fixing, tell the coordinators and be patient. New features will be coming online as the site evolves, but our tiny team of committed volunteers definitely appreciate not being badgered.
  • You can campaign on pretty much anything LGBTIQ and or Catholic related, and you may get our support, but we are limited to our capacity. While Australian Catholics for Equality has been created in Australia, you may wish to start a campaign, say to combat homophobia in the Roman Curia in the Vatican, that goes beyond Australia and this region. That’s great. Whether you want to make your parish more inclusive or take on some Catholic leaders who have said something nasty about you or your LGBTI friends and family, don’t be afraid to go for it and start a working group, we will do our best in assisting you in connecting you up with the right people!