Inclusive and Safe Schools & Parishes

Schools: Many of our Catholic schools remain unsafe places for LGBTIQ young. Homophobic
bullying remain prevalent amongst students and even amongst teachers in our schools. As Catholic peoples we know this is against Catholic Social Teaching and Catholic principles of social justice. We need to ensure that our schools are safe and nourishing places where our children, youth and educators are safe, supported and that respectful learning and teaching communities are there to promote the full human flourishing of all in our schools, free from homophobic bullying, harassment, aggression and violence.

Parishes: Whilst all parishes should be inclusive and welcoming of LGBTIQ Catholics, not all of them are, that needs to be improved if we the church are to become a mirror of the Gospel Jesus. There are some “gay-friendly” Catholic parishes and faith communities and they need to be encouraged and supported. Furthermore, we need to ensure that all Catholic parishes and faith communities do not perpetrate homophobic attitudes that is a cause of harm to LGBTIQ Catholics, their families and friends. Let’s work together to increase inclusive and welcoming spaces where all God’s children can thrive and flourish.  We are working with parishes and communities who have good and wholesome pastoral practices that support LGBTIQ Catholics, their families and friends. These parishes and communities often have ministries, support programs, spirituality groups, mission statements, participation in LGBTIQ community events, involvement with LGBTIQ parents or simply the inclusive and welcoming practices of pastoral staff.

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