PRESS RELEASE: Alternative Voice on Marriage Equality for Catholics

For Immediate Release: 28 Aug 2015, Wear It Purple Day

Alternative Voice on Marriage Equality for Catholics

Australian Catholics for Equality seek to broaden Catholic representations in the Australian public sphere in enhancing a more diverse and authentic perspective, especially on issues concerning Lesbian Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and Queer (LGBTIQ) Catholics, their families, friends and allies.

Australian Catholics for Equality works to provide forums and networks where Catholic Christian communities and groups are formed to address and advocate on issues that concern them/ Marriage equality is one such issue that needs to have an alternative voice from Catholics committed to reform of the Marriage Act to include same‐sex couples.

Dr Paul Collins, a member of the Advisory Board for Australian Catholic for Equality said: “I support Marriage Equality. The Catholic social justice tradition is rooted in a sense of equity, in the right to share in all of the goods of the world, not just material goods.”

“And what is more ‘good’ than love? Everyone has a right to share in love, God’s love and human love, which mirrors that of God. This includes everyone and transcends sexual orientation and gender identity. The vast majority of mature, adult Catholics understand this and that is why we support marriage equality” said Dr Paul Collins.

Australian Catholics for Equality has a vision of a strong and united LGBTIQ inclusive Australian Community that support and celebrates the gifts, lived experiences and the dignity of LGBTIQ Catholics, their families, friends and allies.

Australian Catholics for Equality believe that all Australians should experience religious freedom, including those who want to conduct marriages for LGBTIQ people.

“We invite those opposed to reform to engage in further education, dialogue and discernment and, ultimately, to respect the wishes of most Australians, Catholics included” said Benjamin Oh, a fellow Advisory Board member;

“We look forward to the day when all adult Australians, regardless of their gender, can marry the person they love.” he said.

We ask Australian Catholics who supports Marriage Equality to visit


Media Contacts:


1) Australian Catholics for Equality web:

2) Australian Catholics for Equality on Facebook

3) ‘Catholics call for Marriage Equality’ by Benjamin Oh

4) ‘Marriage Equality: A Positive Catholic Approach’ by Francis DeBenardo (2011)

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